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Serkan Bozkurt
July 30, 1980

Serkan Bozkurt was born in Istanbul in 1980. Upon completion of primary school he continued his intermediate level at Bolu Mengen Anadolu Cooking Career High School, and completed his high school education at Tekirdağ Anadolu Tourism and Hospitality Career High School. He later graduated from the Faculty of Food and Beverage Management of Ege University, as well as the Faculty of Business of Anadolu University.

He was always involved in the field of creative recipes.

Serkan Bozkurt"s career began with international hotel chains and he worked at İstanbul Crowne Plaza Hotel, İstanbul Polat Renaissance Hotel, Berlin Intercontinental Hotel and Hilton ParkSA. He also worked at a Michelin Star restaurant in Europe, as well as assuming the role of chef to various foreign business chains.

While Serkan Bozkurt was in high school at 16 years of age, he began competing in the International Competition at Nederlands and Hungary, and became the first student to win a medal for Turkey in Europe in the name of our hospitality schools. As a member of the Turkish National Cooking Team, he has competed in competitions organized by the WACS(World Association Chefs Society) in various countries such as the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Malta, Hungary, Russia, Croatia,Turkey etc., and has won to date a total of 35 gold, silver and bronze medals for Turkey.

He realized abroad many banquets and fine-dining restaurant food services of high-capacity and importance, at the 2007 and 2009 Anuga Food Festivals in Cologne, and the 2008 Sial Food Festival in Paris on behalf of İstanbul Chamber of Commerce, and the 2008 Modern Turkish Cuisine Banquets and Fine-Dining Restaurant Service in Mexico City. During the 2009 Anuga Food Festival in Cologne, and in the name of Turkey who was a partner country in the said festival, Serkan Bozkurt together with Germany"s representative, Chef Joachim Wissler (3 Michelin stars), put together a Top VIP Gourmet Banquet in Rehinterrassen (Cologne) for 400 worldwide leading food CEO"s. In September 2010, upon the invitation of RACV CLUB in Melbourne, Australia, which is mostly comprised of gourmets, National Chef Serkan Bozkurt prepared a Modern Turkish Cuisine Concept Menu that was to be served for one week at fine-dining restaurants. As well as preparing menus chosen by 748 guests, he also conducted 2 cooking lessons and put together a 5 course fine-dining.Modern Turkish Cuisine Menu for a group consisting of 35 gourmets. Serkan Bozkurt presented 2 work-shop about modern Turkish cuisine and his books at Abu Dhabi international book fair 2011,as a chef of which are invited 10 chefs from the all of arround the world.At 2012 and 2014 Serkan Bozkurt organized the innovative fine-food for 12500 person(2012),18000 person (2014) at Sirha İstanbul Fair for Metro Cash&Carry.

As of 2003, Serkan Bozkurt has appeared on various food programmes on many television channels and published three cookery books entitled, Modern Turkish Cuisine with Serkan Bozkurt, Creative Food Recipes from Serkan Bozkurt and Teeny Weeny Meals from Serkan Bozkurt. Serkan Bozkurt has written food articles for various national newspapers, and in 2009 was invited by Honorable President Abdullah Gül to the Republic Reception on the occasion of the 86th Anniversary of the Proclamation of the Republic of Turkey. His military service was performed in his position of Headquarters Cook to the 25th Military Commander Yaşar Büyükanıt.

Through his identity as a writer, Serkan Bozkurt was invited to the "Speaking Book Festival" organized under the auspices of Mrs. Hayrünnisa Gül, Spouse of President Abdullah Gül, and participated as a speaker at the festival which was held at Sultanahmet Square.

Bostancı Rotary Club awarded him the Most Successful Youth Award for 2008-2009 in the professional success category.